Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet the Pack: Schizer AKA "The Instigator"

In for: Sibling Abuse

We found Schizer after hurricane Wilma. I was on my way to the grocery store when I saw a dog running around the parking lot, knowing my husband would not condone another dog in the house, I got in the car and went to the store knowing if the dog was there when I got back I would help it. When I got back to the apartment there was the dog still running back and forth through the parking lot. Soooo, I tried to pick her up and she tried to bite me. For any normal person that would have been the end, for me I sat and waited for my husband. Five years later she as spoiled as it comes, I mean I am seriously wrapped around her little paw. She’s on six pills in the morning and six pills at night for a heart condition she had developed. I don’t know what it is about dogs and schedules but she has it down to the minute. Three o'clock in the morning she walks around the bed until I pick her up and let her out, 7 in the morning she does the same. If I want to sleep in, it’s only after I have let her old butt out twice and given her her pills. If I try to ignore it she climbs herself up onto my stomach and paws at my face until I give in. Where did she learn this?

Her and car rides are a trip, she will only ride in the car if she’s on your lap. If you put her on another seat or on the floor she climbs up and onto your lap, whether you’re driving or not.

If she’s hungry she barks until you feed her, some may call this lack of training, I call it old age.

Her real problem is her sibling abuse. She HATES her brother Maxx. She growls and pushes him over, tries to steal his food. If you’re giving Maxx love she'll step in front of him, if you’re on the couch laying together, she'll climb on you until you give her attention. She barks if you say his name and follows him everywhere to make sure he's not getting something she’s not. She licks his face until he’s soaking wet and stands on top of him while he's sleeping if she doesn’t feel like doing the same. She owns him, he's hers.

Then the day came when her heart started to give out. I was almost home alone, I say almost because my roommates at the time were useless, when she fainted. She was walking fine at one moment and at the next she was on her side crying, then out. I screamed and yelled for help. I thought she was gone. We went to the hospital where her vet at the time told me she wouldn’t live through the summer. That day was two summers ago. Last time I complained about schize's condition, my dad, the non dog lover, joked, "didn’t that dog die years ago."

Jury's back. Not guilty due to old age and lack of hard evidence.

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