Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wacky Pet Products

So i was cruising the web this afternoon and found some really wacky and one almost offensive pet products. Take a look, does anyone own one of these items? If you do please don't mind as i make fun of you.

Its called the Skineeze Stuffless dog toy. Seriously, who "invented" this? I dont know about you but this is what happens to the toys after my dog gets to them and it's time for it to be thrown away. Why would I want him to have this? It's like teaching him to go into my hamper and start chewing on my socks. What a waste and the best part, it's 10 bucks. For $10 dollars I can buy a carton of tennis balls.

Speaking of Tennis Balls....

It's the automatic fetch machine!!!!!!!!!! How lazy do you have to be to not be able to throw your dog a ball. In fact if youre that lazy why do you even have a dog! The kicker.... its $120. Ha!

Lastly and I'm sorry I felt the need to write about this but I'm sure someone out there owns this...

On other thought, no comment.


  1. Oh, that last one -- so not right!!!

    Your banner picture is cracking me up!

  2. omg loveee the monthly doos calendar!! i have to admit that sometimes i'm amazed by the size and shape of the stinky presents taht come out of my dogs' butts.

    i should start taking pictures too! LOL!!

  3. Great reviews! Thank you. Now we know what's out there and where not to spend out kibble dollars.

  4. Dog poo calendar? Yuck!!!! That IS just wrong. But, I bet the peeps would go for the fetch machine if it wasn't for the 120 cookies they want for it. No way Jose!

    Nice blog, and nice to meet you!

    Loads of Licks,


  5. Weird, that first one looks exactly like Crazy Critters. I have heard of some dogs who actually eat the stuffing when they rip open their toys so maybe a stuffless toy isn't such a terrible idea. And it does squeak :)

  6. That calendar is ridiculous! I wonder if Shizer's leg sculpture is somewhere around the September/October pages?


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