Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drool Cleaner

It was a gloomy stormy day and I was sick in bed with a head cold, oh wait that's today! Anyways, like any good sick day I was watching the Home Shopping Network and they were doing a special on pet products. This one caught my eye:

It's Bissell's new product which, according to the website, is great for windows and sliding glass doors. It comes with its own squeegee for a "clean finish." You got to be kidding me!! Who would buy this for 10.99 plus shipping from the Home Shopping Network?!?!

Drool cleaner? NO. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's called Windex and the price is $2.99.


  1. It's a cool CONCEPT but,if it doesn't actually CLEAN the windows on it's own then it does me no
    HA...drool cleaner...that just makes me laugh.

  2. Bwaaaaaa ha ha! They need a better name, like Snart! Then they can start charging the big bucks!

  3. hahahaha i totally agree with you!!

  4. I bet we see those in the dollar store in a year...

  5. But if you call now, do you get two of them for just an additional shipping charge?

    wags, Lola

  6. Ha! Yeah, Windex and a paper towel is alot cheaper for sure!


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