Friday, March 5, 2010

Reverse Roles

With each passing day pets are becoming more and more like children. I personally would do anything for my dogs and have in the past. Whether its paying for outrageous medical bills, getting them their own insurance, brushing their teeth, etc. things have slowly getting more and more human like. The animal hospital I work at even has something called Spa Days for special dogs and a boarding facility with Tvs and radios for the dog's comfort. When did all the hysteria happen? I have to say though, I am one of those people who dress up their dogs, sometimes on a daily basis, and i love love love when a restaurant has a menu just for them with dog bowl and all.


  1. No such luck on good restaurants like that here!

  2. Can relate to all of that especially the high bills - there are three of our in our household.


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