Friday, March 19, 2010

Take your dog teasure hunting!

Found a new activity everyone can do with their dogs! It's called geocaching. Its treasuring hunting and with more than 1 million to find it can turn into your dog's weekly day out. What happens is your put coordinates into your GPS, or for me my new Iphone App, and you follow the compass to the area the hidden treasure is in. Some are large and have tradeable items others are tiny and have logs where you can document you were there. I went yesterday with my husband and Reggie and we had a killer time! So get outside and have some geocaching fun with your dog!

Reggie loved walking around the park looking for the cach.

Here is the one we found!

Want more information? Go to!

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  1. I remember seeing a TV show about this! It looks like great fun for people and dog alike!


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