Monday, April 26, 2010

Who has an Iphone?!

I am obsessed with applications for my iphone so I wanted to share some of animal ones I thought were great!!

First up.. Pet Service Finder
This app lets you find pet services fast and easy! This is great for when you're on vacation!

2. Pet age calculator

It's not just times 7 years anymore. Science has proven that dogs age faster but the amount of times faster depends on breed and size. This app can estimate just how old your dog is!

3. Dog First Aid

 This app is easy to use and great to have for those just incase moments.

4. Breedopedia

With all the different breeds out there now, this application is great to distinguish each and every one of them!

5. Dog Tricks and Bark Machine

Here we have an app that is going to put dog trainers out of business everywhere. Well, not quite but one review said, "There is some room for improvement with the noises, but over all, it is just great! I'm a trainer in Seattle and if my students got this app and read it on the bus or practiced at home, I would be a happy woman!"

I'm sure there are dozens more but I thought these four were interesting and helpful. I hope everyone has a quick and easy Monday. Until tomorrow..

Look what I found...


  1. Great suggestions! Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Now that is just plain super cool! Thanks!

  3. Awesome, I will look into downloading those...

  4. If only those were available for the Blackberry! I guess I'll have to snoop around! Very cool!

  5. So bummed I don't have an iphone! But it's probably for the best: it would just become another chew toy for The Bandit.

  6. All look like good fun. Did you see the list Peta put out this week?

  7. What will they think of next? We're just now learning how to work compooter!

    Riley and Star.

  8. wow!! maybe i should get an iphone...


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