Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Did you get counted?

Oh, the Census. It was the front page story of the newspaper today and with all the hoopla and advertisments about getting counted I had to wonder... who's counting the dogs? In fact as a Census worker trainee, I know how important the numbers can be especially for some breeds. Did you know that Miami County has a ban on Pitbulls? So, I cruised the all mighty web and low and behold I found the 1st Census for Dogs. This website has a fun survey that can include your dog in a very special count. As of today, 16045 dogs have been counted and just like the real census it says takes about 10 minutes to fill out. You can also click on a state and find out, based on Wisdom Panel's research, what the most popular and most unique breed is for your state! Pretty cool, especially if you have nothing else to do!

Here are what my dogs thought:

Have a super Wednesday!


  1. Great idea! Let's count the dogs!


  2. I know I wanted to be counted. :)

  3. We'll be sure to stop by so we get counted.:)

    Teddy Bear

  4. We took that a few weeks ago! It's a pretty cool idea!

    Half bear cub! rofl

  5. Yes we did fill in our census. Thank goodness we didn`t have to include all the dogs, cat, goats, geese, turkeys, cows and chickens or I`d still be doing paperwork!=)

  6. OREO barks, "WOOF WOOF ... Pawsome to be furry friends!"

  7. Thanks for the link! I'm gonna go over there right now cause I want to be counted too.



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