Friday, May 14, 2010

I Won a Giveaway!!

I was sooo excited when I heard I won the giveaway from Tiffany at The Tales of Dexter and Nora's blog but when I received it in the mail I just couldn't believe it!!! The dogs knew it was for them as soon as I brought it in the house! It must of been all the yummy treats lurking from inside! Reggie had a great time getting the box open and even paw delivered me my special note!

He then ran right back to the box because he knew he was in for super special surprises today!

He picked out the rope immediately! Maxx went for the leopard stuffed dog bone!

Schizer, my princess, went for the SNUGGIE!!!!!

I think i'm going to go to the store and get a matching one.

Here's a shot of everything we received.

Thank you Tiffany, Dexter and Nora! We, over at the For Love of Dogs house, LOVED IT!


  1. Congrats! That is a lot of presents! ENJOY!

  2. What a lucky mom you are to win so many prizes for your adorable dogs! Your pups look so adorably happy with everything! I especially love the photo of the schnauzer wearing the snuggie! Too cute!

  3. So glad you guys got it, enjoy. Schizer looks adorable in that snuggie!

  4. Wow! loads of presents! The doggies must be over the moon now. Enjoy!!!

  5. Oh wow! Enjoy all the loot! You are some very lucky dogs!

  6. Wow, that is a pawesome package!!!

    Teddy Bear


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