Sunday, August 8, 2010

Almost Silent Sunday

I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and support over my Schizer baby. I still cant believe how even the smallest daily chores remind me of her but little by little the memories are happy ones. I will also try to fix the comic I posted yesterday, not sure what happened with that! I guess this wasn't much of a Silent Sunday at all!!!


  1. It is funny how the memories come back to you at unexpected times! I hope you're doing okay. I know how hard the loss is, especially in the beginning!

  2. Love, love the picture.

    Teddy BEar

  3. Such a sweet sleeping baby!


  4. It's so hard to lose our best friends. This pic is fantastic, with the tongue sticking out!

    You probably won't want this, but we gave you an award. If you feel up to it, stop by our blog to pick it up. We completely understand if you don't!

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