Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet the Pack: Mr. Maxx AKA "Mama's Boy"

In for: 6 verbal assualt.

This dog will have anyone who enters the house wrapped around his fluffy little paw. He's an absolute mush as long as your aren’t a bird, helicopter, firework, jogger, UPS truck or our neighbor's kids. If you are or are doing any of the aforementioned, DO NOT come near him. He has a ceaseless capacity for yelping until we acknowledge it: 'Yes Maxx, we see the airplane. Thank you.'

What is it with dogs jumping up into the air to try and catch birds in the sky anyway? Does he REALLY think he is going to catch it?!? Not only does Maxx try to catch birds that are beyond the clouds, but he chases all things airborn. I'm not exaggerating. He seriously runs back and forth until the helicopter is out of sight and ear's range. Books and professionals say he is being reinforced when the helicopter or bird, "goes away." In his mind he did his job, protecting his family from the monsters--I say he's an idiot, but it makes me love him even more.

If you are not any of the things I mentioned above, he will undoubtedly be your best friend. He will follow you around the house waiting to be pet, hugged, or just being the recipeint of any affection you want to show him. Then, begins the butt-wag. I'm glad whoever owned him prior to us adopting him decided to have his tail clipped. That thing would knock over bookcases, seven-foot basketball players and small buildings if it were still around.

If you even glance in his direction he'll try to kiss you (and by kiss, I mean lick every square inch of your face until you stink as good as the back of his throat). I blame his quirks on the fact he came from Alabama and the unknown five years we didn't have him as part of our family. Quirks aside, I love this dog.

Jury's back: Verbal assualt is no barking matter. 15 to life.

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  1. Yeah, but I bet he's too cute for any of the charges to stick!


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