Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet the Pack: Tac and Cat AKA "There's No Proof"

In for: Murder

There is something about cats that unsettles me. They are simply too independent and only show affection when they want something. I used to think my cats loved me when they rubbed up against me, then I read it’s how they mark what’s theirs. So no love for me they're just trying to dominate me, own me.

What is it with cats and killing things? I can no longer give my cat’s wet food because when I do I am sure to have a dead squirrel or mouse or even opossum at my doorstep hours later. It’s really weird. I guess they enjoy the wet food so much it’s their way of giving me thanks. I'd rather have them run up against me, no need for the massacre that occurs and they are never anywhere near the dead rodent, but i know better.

Jury’s back: Life without parole

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