Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holy Great Dane!

Take a look at Emma! I think her head is the size of Schizer and she makes Reggie look like a Pug! The best part is she is considered a "small" Dane. Ha.

I love this picture! She always rests her head on her shoulder! Pictures definately don't do her justice, I will try again at a later date.


  1. Small or big, big or small, she is beautiful. Harlequin great danes are so beautiful to look at.

  2. She is a cracker such nice colour.

  3. I enjoyed catching up on your great blog. BTW, I just returned from Iditarod. My friend was Newton Marshall's Idita-Rider this year.
    Mush Mon!

  4. She looks a bit scary to me! This the kind og dog that Gramma wants. Before I came to live with Gramma there were two big dogs here. One was a Collie and one was a St. Bernard. Gramma called them dogs of substance. I am not sure what that means, but Gramma says that someone would think twice before they messed with her. Hey, I would protect her! Sort of, if they were smaller than me. Oscar will go after anything. I think he has vision problems. He is way shorter than me!

  5. We have a Great Dane now and he is 155 lbs at 18 mos a Mantle. We had a Harlequin for 11 year and she was so wonderful. If you visit my blog you will see the picture I painted of her.


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