Monday, March 15, 2010

Spectacular Weekend

I went camping this weekend in Keyston Heights, FL and went sight seeing in St. Augustine. Here are my traveling pictures. I hope you enjoy!

This first picture is from the moss that hung from almost every tree. I was told this stuff ends up killing the tree it is hanging from, but I thought it was just beautiful!

We adventured to a fort in St. Augustine. It was huge! I tried imagining what it would be like defending it while we took our own little tour. What a magnificent building.

This sign was posted by the swimming lake!!!! Seriously?! Who goes in after seeing this? Do they really think an alligator wont get passed the rope border they put up?

This dog was having a blast watching all the people and pets that passed below him. St. Augustine was as pet friendly as it gets. Almost everyone we saw had a dog with them!

This is Nugget at the fort! She was also having a blast being the only dog with us that weekend. She received as sorts of extra loving! If you haven't been I 100% recommend this gorgeous city!


  1. You would not catch me in that water, daft Pip would still go in. What a shame that moss kills the trees because it does look nice.

  2. That looks like an awesome trip! I'm glad you had such a good time!

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  4. That looked like an awesome place to visit. I like to see new places ........ I just don't like the getting there part. Gramma says that she thinks the cars whizzing by make me feel sick. She is right!

  5. St. Augustine is a pawsome place!!!! Me thinks mom is getting vacation fever just looking at those photos!!! I can't wait! I'm one traveling Irish Terrier!!!

    Irish Love,

  6. I'd love to visit - will Nugget be available for tour guide duty? :)


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