Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is that...

Poop. Yes. This post is for all things poop in fact. The "Ohh that's cute in a gross way," to the "what the.. you gotta be kidding." The first product I would like to digust.. I mean discuss (cough, cough), is The Yule Doos. Take a look:

Every Christmas my mother and I search the malls, Christmas stores and kiosks for the perfect Christmas tree ornament and this may just be next year's pick. I mean it is most definately a conversation starter at the yearly party or at least a second looker!

Next up: The Poop Squeak Plush Toy.

This toy runs for $6.95 and is what all the coolest dogs are dreaming about these days. No, not seriously. I think this toy is used more for the pet owner's amusement then the dog's and it's probably to make a funny picture like the one above or the next best youtube movie. For $6.95 I'd rather buy my dog a gourmet bone, but that's just me.

Which brings me to, wait for it, wait for it, Doo Drops. ( Press the scarey music button)

For $10.95 you can give a 1/4 pound of Chocolate Poop. It comes nestled on a bed of grass and in it's own poop baggie for giving. I would recommend this for the coworker that has been eating your peanut butter. Review said: "Absolutely doolightful" Gag me.

And finally a way to wash it all away.


  1. Those products sound like the brainchildren of either six year old boys or a basset hound I know. As a Shar Pei, I pride myself on never eating poop or drinking from the toilet so all I can say is eeeew to all of the above.

    wags, me, Lola

  2. Hmm the toilet is funny. Youd hate to come across a floater though! Errrrrrrrr!

  3. OMG! That is so wrong, but we still laughed!


  4. WTF on the yule doos!! i have never ever thought of hanging a golden turd on my christmas tree.. soooooo random.
    The Doo Drops are beyond disgusting.. they practically look like real dog turds. the toilet is AWESOME though.. that's something i'm weird enough to buy for my pooches.

  5. I`m still roaring! Funny, funny stuff there!

  6. Well they will try to market anything, and you will always get some people buying shit, I mean it.

  7. I have heard about this toilet drinking from my house mates. They are doxies and have never tried it, but they tell me that louise, the Saint Bernard, liked to practice this habit a lot. They tell me Gramma would get quite annoyed about the wet seat!


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