Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The little things.

So, AAA came out with a study stating how dogs are an increasing distraction for drivers. Here's what they found...

I dont know about you but when i first saw this article i rolled my eyes. I am totally guilty of most of these, especially the one about having your dog on your lap. It was the only way Schizer would drive with me alone. In fact, it was more distracting trying to keep her off my lap then having her on.

Then yesterday happened. I was racing back to work on lunch when i came to a red light. I was behind a woman that didnt know the light turned green. 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand, BEEPPPP!!! I just had to! Then she goes 30 in a 45 and i was so enraged the car was fogging. When the road finally reached two lanes, i looked over ready with my meanest get off your phone look, when i see the woman giving kissy faces to her dog. The yellow lab then stuck his head out the window with the biggest grin ever.

Damn it i thought, i was no longer mad and actually caught myself smiling. Case in point... We get distracted because we are witnessing ad learning what those crazy non dog lovers (AAA) arent; it's the little things in life that lead to happiness. Like wind blowing in your hair.

Take that AAA.


  1. Okay, I am guilty of the third and fourth one,lol!

  2. I love sticking my head out the window!

  3. I'm just guilty of petting my dog. She usually rides in the back seat, but on short rides, I do give her shotgun status.. and I cant resist petting her.

  4. Cripes! Sneezing in the car is a momentary distraction, too. Mine are too big to be in the front with me, or in my lap, so the only time I might reach back to pet one would be when we were stopped at a light or something. They're content to be seeing the sights and on our way to our destination, so they don't usually need much attention from me in the car, thank goodness!

  5. If I happen to get in the front seat, Blog Mom will pet me a bit, but i don't think it's distracting. When I put the car in neutral - that's distracting. I'm so good at that.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. my pooch tony tries to fling himself out the window.. car windows can only be opened an inch or two for this furry daredevil.

  7. Yep! I sure do pet my pup!!! Great post!

  8. Causing distractions is what dogs are for! Our lives would be much less interesting without dogs in them.

    How's Kiwi doing? She's an awesome little girl.

  9. Mine are too big for my lap and since they usually have their heads out the window sucking up the air, I'm not normally even able to pet them either! There's nothing like doggie drool covered windows....the car wash folks love me :p

  10. Abso'toot'ly perfect....I'm sorry but I'm not even allowed in the front seat...don't you think I haven't tried though...I always jump in front when the guys leave me and I put my licks and smells all over there!

  11. Well, I only have cats I travel with and they are almost always in their carriers--though in the front seat not the back even though they say the airbag could hurt them. I am a vet tech and guess my knowledge of what can happen to pets in an accident makes me remember the instances of pets making through an accident only to get loose and be hit by an oncoming car, or 2 dogs that got loose after an accident in the middle of winter in the woods that were never found. I am a worry wart but with reason.

  12. I dunno, guys -- there are lots of things that our dogs (and our kids!) love to do that just aren't healthy for them. That's why we're there, as parents -- to help keep them safe even when they don't like it. Yes, causing distractions is what dogs are for -- but there's a time and place for everything. Car seats and restraints are comfortable and effective and they keep you AND your pooch safe. I'd rather be a killjoy now than a grieving parent later...
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