Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who's Fostering Who

When Schizer passed I felt ususual. I couldn't help but think I didnt do enough to help my best friend. The days that followed were worse and with my health all over the map I saw myself become someone different. I didn't want to blog or go to work, leaving the house became a chore and I felt all sorts of crazy. Three months go by and I knew I wasn't ready to adopt again. I filled out an application to foster and received Sammy a few weeks later. My life had purpose again. I mean look at this face:

From the moment I saw his squiggly body I knew I was going to find him the best family I could.

I was chosen to help save him, give him a place to stay so he wouldn't end up in a shelter. But with my mood changing by the minute and my craziness taking a back seat I couldn't help but realize... he helped mine.

Want more info on Sammy? Check out his petfinder page here


  1. It's impossible to stay unhappy when you have a dog around. Just the routine alone forces you outside of yourself. I hope you find a pal to keep for yourself, as well as a home for Sammy.

  2. Sammy is beautiful. When mom lost her last dog Alex, she just stayed in bed. There was no reason to get up. Along came me with lots of pushing from people for her to get a puppy. She thinks you can't be depressed with a dog around and there is always lots to do! Holly

  3. Dogs don't let us feel sad or sorry for ourselves - it is one of the best things about them.


  4. Animals bring such amazing mood changes. They can make us feel sooo good just by resting their head in our laps and gaze at us with those beautiful eyes. Thank you for fostering this beautiful dog.
    Hugs, Gail and Mistaya

  5. Sammy is just gorgeous!
    Isn't is amazing to realize, we think we are helping out the dogs...and they are the ones actually helping us out. I know mine OFTEN help me keep my sanity!

    MinnaK Mom

  6. Such a beautiful story!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  7. It certainly is a beautiful story. Even though you aren't ready to adopt yet, you are still doing good by fostering dogs and I congratulate you for that. Who knows, that one special foster dog may come along who will capture your heart forever.

    Hugs, Nadine


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